It’s a Box Mitzvah! Give a Gift Subscription for Monthly Treats from Israel

Fig Tree & Vine is thrilled to partner with Blue Box, a fun, unique, and socially conscious gift for the upcoming holiday season and beyond. Blue Box connects consumers to Israel by giving them an opportunity to support Israeli small businesses while receiving quality products in return. For a fixed price (between $36- $50), customers receive a monthly box shipped right to their front door. Each box features one handpicked Israeli vendor and includes a selection of their products, as well as their “story” written on a postcard.

Since its launch in 2015, Blue Box has already shipped over 1,000 packages to more than 250 loyal customers throughout North America, directly supporting 15 Israeli businesses to date.  While there are many different companies that send gift baskets from Israel for the holidays, they often include “white label” products or generic, mass produced “chockas.” Blue Box is different because the emphasis is on both quality and on supporting Israeli small businesses.

A selection of past products from Blue Box.

Founder Emily Berg personally visits each vendor (Israeli farmers, artisans, designers, entrepreneurs, family businesses, kibbutzim) and curates each box to ensure the highest quality. She enjoys seeing how and where the products are made and speaking with the business owners and workers. This quality control measure also allows her to capture the essence of each business, writing their “story” on a postcard so customers can also learn about and further connect with the featured supplier.

For Berg, Blue Box is first and foremost about supporting Israeli small businesses, but it is also about sharing Israel’s treasures with the world. Through its carefully curated packages, Blue Box tells the story of Israel, reflecting the diversity of the country’s land and its people. Vendors range from 80-year-old kibbutzim, to organic family farms, ancient olive groves, Tel Aviv design studios, small batch factories in the periphery, and everything in between.

In the past, featured products have included: olive oil, soap, honey, spices, jams, preserves, candles and much, much more. Each box is a surprise: customers do not know what they will receive but know that it will be high quality and made in Israel. All of the food products are kosher and many are also organic, fair trade, handcrafted, locally sourced and use sustainable or eco-friendly manufacturing processes. As a brand, Blue Box fuses the modern-day spirit of Israeli innovation and sophistication with the values and romanticism of old school labor zionism.